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Their seniors sprinted around the track inhumanly fast. They promptly went to the shower room first and came out while showing off their burly tan bodies.


"….Kuro. I'm sure you're somewhat aware. This child lost all will to battle and fight. He can't seem to forgive himself for murdering another soldier. He can't even sleep properly because of the nightmares."


Grace continued to repeat most of the information she had lectured, over and over. The smell of hospital sanitizer wafted. Han and the other youths slowly climbed into the incubators. Oxygen masks attached to their mouths, and their bodies submerged completely in water. Blinding dread filled all the youths' minds.


There was much trial and error while trying to defeat the mysterious dragons from an unknown world. Many lives were sacrificed to develop an effective strategy against the dragons.


'The instructors are no longer forcing us to battle against weaker squads. They don't purposely force us into a situation that we would lose, but they make the victories much more difficult.'


Han was able to shoot the center point with his gun several times. This was his first time shooting a gun, and 18 out of the 20 shots had been a successful shot.

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He was outstanding amongst the transfers and had also been no pushover while sparring against the regular students that had trained for awhile.


The youths of the gang shouted and charged forward together. Everyone got hit by rocks and fainted.


At this level, the psychic energy would manifest to the point people could see with their naked eyes.


Sergeant Red, who was leading this psychic training drill stared towards Han.


Inspector Rue's spoke with a smooth voice. He didn't seem high handed or forceful in the least. Inspector Rue had waited quietly and patiently until the end of training. Han accepted his invitation for a chat.


Theoretically, everyone should be able to survive without food for a week. But, in reality three days without food would bring intense pain through the entire body.


Han did not answer. The announcement of squad 7's loss rang. The squad who was covered in wounds glared at Kuro with menacing eyes.



Kato spoke while also stepping up onto one of the airbeats which Kuro controlled. Kuro hesitated a bit, but he managed to push more of his psychic energy into his airbeats to make them float. The airbeat easily supported Kato's weight.



"If we are nit picking, you didn't break any rules. However, you should have been aware this would have become a controversy. The results are as such, you did not break any. Some drill instructors would praise you for finding such a loophole. However, we will not tolerate this a second time. Go and report this to your instructors."


Squad 13 used to be the outcasts, but now they had completely integrated with the rest of the second years and had a good relationship with everyone.


"Memorize it before our competition. When we're out in the field, we won't have enough time to discuss every aspect of the tactic we're going to carry out. We must move out in a fluid motion like we're one entity. This will be our squad's core strength. In order to achieve this, we must share our tactical thought processes. We must be able to mentally read each other like twins by simply observing the other's behaviors."

  • "Han, we were attacked by enemy forces. Four people have died in total. Our squad leader and drill instructor were among those who had died. We will be joining forces with you."
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