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Han bit down on his nails. There might be casualties, but as the squad leader, he must make the decision. Should we sacrifice some of our team to hide our military strength against the unknown enemy? Should we block all immediate dangers and show our entire strength to our enemy? The burden of this choice felt heavy.


Inspector Rue also used to be a military officer. He was an intelligence officer, and was chosen to become one of the top inspectors of the military committee board.


Han cooled his body off with an ice pack. He was black and blue all over. He used some bandages to patch up his broken nose. Han reviewed the short battle like a professional go player would, after the fact.


"The second generation psycho frame. This is only a prototype, but we're in the middle of a test. This is the best gear that psykers could having while fighting against dragons. We noticed an intruder, but it was just you."


Someone screamed. The fully armed soldiers shot their guns ruthlessly toward the first years. Children around the age of ten fell to the ground one after another. They cried in pain and fear.


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Han scratched his head and laid down in bed. Minus Kuro from Squad 13, it was very likely for Canute to get transferred into third year. They could send him out to all sorts of missions without burden thanks to his healing factor which takes out all risk of death. He already mastered the battle skills, and he had a strong sense of self.


"Starting your second year, everyone begins drug rehabilitation. It's probably the students who do not fully mature that cannot physically handle the harsh training drills."


Kuro said and suddenly fished another one. He gained much confidence through this experience and his expression seemed much brighter than before.


The helmet attached to the back of the psychoframe clasped down. It projected various data similar to the battle helmet.


Laocha showed him an example. Han drank some water and watched. Now that he decided to learn formally, he had no mind to lazily master it half heartedly.


Han's grades were suffering harshly due to his poor results in psychic skills.


Kuro covered his mouth and spoke. He swallowed back the contents that were daring to come up. Han, who had been running next to Kuro, pushed his back.



Although he was cowardly and petty, there was no way a person who would cowardly abandon their peers would be able to make it past year one of Ark.



'If the immediate foresight fails, our team will be killed by the enemy's attack. Based on a werewolf's sheer strength, everyone would probably be killed.'


Han leaned against the wall and rested. He didn't bother to strain himself to catch up with his squad. If he were to follow them with such a heavy heart and body, he would only become a burden on his squad.


Herald's funeral was brisk. A majority of his acquaintances and friends attended. Herald's ashes were enshrined at Ark's mortuary.

  • "They probably wanted to borrow Ark's strength then obtain the data before anyone could find out. Anyway, they wouldn't let us leave quietly either way."
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